sunnuntai 3. helmikuuta 2008

Girls Has a Buttplug in Her Ass While Shopping

Heh.. this one is great. Some girl has a buttplug in her ass while shopping. I wish I could see her in my hometown shop. Unbelievable! People are weird!

Even though this is a pretty funny video, I prefer this wild video of two girls getting ass fucked.

lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2008

Two Young Ladies Fucked In Their Asses - A Perfect Ass Fuck

Oooohh my Lord! Here we have something really cool. Young dude fucking two perfect young ladies in their asses! Oh, and that's not all. The other lady licks the ass of the other one and prepares her for freakin' good ass fucking. Look at that perfect doggy style position! Oh yeah! What a perfect ass, what a perfect ass fuck!

These kids clearly do not need teaching on ass fucking.

perjantai 1. helmikuuta 2008

Lovely Lady Loves Anal Sex - Nice Ass Fucking Video

Ooh la laa! This lovely lady loves anal sex! What a nice lady. This innocent looking girl is first finger fucked in her ass, after which she gives a blowjob. Next the dude starts fucking her nice ass. Then again she gives a blowjob, after which they try some really strange position. Then (again!) some blowjobs. Next comes the best part; ass fucking in doggy style. Yeah, fuck that ass, man! Fuck that ass!

torstai 31. tammikuuta 2008

Stunning Lady Gets Ass Fucked - What a Great Ass Fuck!

Now this one is staggering! Holy cow! I haven't seen such as beautiful lady for hundreds of years. She is sooooo beautiful with her lovely body, little pussy and SWEET ASS! First the dude kisses here and there, checks out her breasts, licks pussy and blah blah. This usual porn video stuff. Finally in 10:13 guy goes into the real business, licking her asshole. My God.. I would die with my boots on. What a lovely asshole. Lick it man, lick it!

After the asshole licking session the guy puts his dick into her ass and starts giving her good ass fucking. With his big gun the guy pumps the little ass of the stunning lady. And she loves it.. Not bad, eh?

keskiviikko 30. tammikuuta 2008

Good View To A Nice Ass Of A Young Girl

I'm back! Sorry for this break, but I have been traveling and therefore unable to blog wonderful ass videos. Now I'm back with some awesome ass and butt videos, the best ones on this planet!

Let's restart this blog step by step. The first step is a great view to a nice ass of a young girl. This video is not actually ass fucking, but I decided to post this one because this lady has so freakin' nice ass! Just look at that ass! In this pretty long video a black dude fucks her pussy hard and we can watch her nice ass bumping. What a lucky man. Hell yeah!

keskiviikko 9. tammikuuta 2008

Amateur Anal Sex - Teaching How To Do Anal Sex

Holy shit! This one is awesome! Just see the video below! Yesterday I posted a video in which a dude is pleasing his wife with a dildo, but this one is many times better! It is time to learn how to do anal sex. See the video and you will be a pro ass fucking dude!

tiistai 8. tammikuuta 2008

Some Dude Pleasing His Wife - Wow! Her Ass Is Great!

Asses, asses and asses. Asses make my world. Today I stumbled upon a great video in which a dude is pleasing his wife with a dildo. It is an amateur video, but a great one. It is not ass fucking video, but she has so nice ass and a lovely asshole that I decided to promote it. See the video below and notice her wonderful ass! Oh, and check out also this sexy brazilian girl showing her butt!

maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2008

Latin Girl Having Anal Sex

Dudes, my previous video was a sexy brazillian girl showing her butt. I also mentioned that I admire lating girls and their heavenly bodies and stunning butts. Today we watch a video in which a latin girl has anal sex. The video starts with a blowjob on a bed after which the dude shows her wonderful ass to the camera. Then they fuck from behind a couple of minutes after which she is assfucked while laying on her back. Oh man, I love this clip! That lucky dude has really got a great ass to fuck. In the end of the clip she gives a blowjob again. Check it out!

sunnuntai 6. tammikuuta 2008

Sexy Brazilian Girl Showing Her Butt

Now this butt rocks! I love butts and I admire brazillian butts. I go down on my knees and bow in front of brazillian women shoing their butts.. My God, she has a perfect butt! Check it out, just click play below! I loved to watch these lovely booty girls, but this butt is even better! This video is ten minutes long, so you have plenty of time to enjoy her great butt! Oh, and she is so fucking beautiful as well!

Monique Teases With A Dildo In Her Ass

Check out how Monique teases with a dildo in her ass. Wow! She really has a lovely butt! See how this beautiful diva works with the dildo in her ass. Look at her stunning butt, great body and shaved pussy! Oh my God, she looks perfect! If you liked this one, I believe you like to watch also this lady playing with her asshole.